Tchorly Farms has been in business since 2012, producing high quality vegetables and cassava. We are staffed with expert managers, agriculturalists, trained supervisors and field workers.

We currently manage three (3) farmlands in Oterkpolu, a town in the eastern region of Ghana. Tchorly Farms sets out to provide healthy food solutions to our esteemed customers through the production of clean and quality products. We comply with all business and agricultural regulations and requirements.

Tchorly Farms maintains a production staff of experienced employees who are compensated in a manner that provides for continuity of labor, from pre-plant projects through the export of premium vegetables.

We take pride in providing agricultural services that meet the specific needs of the client. We currently produce sustainably for our clients and have a short chain of command and control, which gives us the ability to execute practices in a timely manner.

Tchorly Farms provides periodic training in current farming practices for our employees such as sustainability and safety as well as a variety of out-reach programs.

All of our efforts are driven by the determination to provide the highest quality of service, at reasonable rates, and to provide our clients with the finest premium vegetables.