About Us

Tchorly Farms was registered on 22nd Jan, 2013 under the Companies Act, 1963 (Act 179) under number BN240642013

With our wide knowledge of agriculture, the environment and its people, Tchorly Farms seeks to bridge the gap between the consumption of food and the consumption of healthy foods in Ghana and beyond. We are major producers and exporters of bird eye chilli peppers but also grow some other vegetables and cassava for the local market.
We aim to move beyond production into the processing, packaging and distribution of all our products both locally and internationally.


To become a premium brand of international acclaim known as a major provider of healthy eating choices locally and an exporter of fresh and healthy farm products.

Our Mission

To provide a healthy, affordable and sustainable choice of farm products covering a range of dietary and non-dietary needs.

Core Values

T – Teamwork
C – Competence
H – High Quality
O – Organisational Integrity
R – Resourcefulness
L – Loyalty
Y – Yielding